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Video balum DVRNet EP-201
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video balum Brief Introduction
The EP-201 allows CCTV video signal to be transmitted via cost-effective unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable.
It is a super anti-low frequency interference Transceiver,and designed for video transmission in environment that is full of noise, such as in elevator, hospital, mine, etc. Use EP-01VB in pair, various noises will be filtered out from video signal.
Transmission distance of color signal via CAT5 or CAT6
Up to 300m (1000 ft) with passive balun (from camera to monitor)
Up to 800m (2667ft) with active receiver
PAL, NTSC, SECOM All-systems compatible;
Two screw terminals for UTP cable,Male BNC
Built-in unique LRC passive anti-interference filter circuit; effectively restrain common-mode noise
Built-in transient protection
Convenient installation
Eliminates costly and bulky coaxial cable
Technical Parameter
Video Frequency DC10MHz
Attenuation Maximum 1.5dB
Common mode/Differential-mode Rejection 15KHz-5MHz Typical 60dB
Resistance BNC Coax 75Ohm
Connector UTP Cable 100Ohm
Specification 24AWG or Thicker Cat-3 above
Resistance 100ohmą20%
DC Loop Resistance 18Ohm/100m
Differential Capacitor 62pf/m
Temperature Operating: -20° to 75° C
Humidity 0~95%
Anti-transient Ability 6000V 1.2μS×50μS
Weight 52g
Dimensions Length 70mm× Width 27mm× Height 25mm






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Video balum DVRNet EP-201

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