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Cerradura Electromagnetica
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Cerradura Electromagnetica Metalica, con Capacidad de 280/350kg
Magnetic locks
Made from special magnetic materials in adoption of a particular processing technique will not produce excessive magnetic after a long period and the suck board will not be magnetized or cause the reduction of suction force after a long-time use. The products present no mechanic failures, no abrasions, and no noises with a longer service life.Frameless glass door can be installed with an auxiliary frame.
Scope of Application
Emergency doors,fireproof doors and etc. as well as building walkie-talkies and entrance-guard systems
MC280L / MC350L
voltage:12/24V DC
working cerrent: 500/250mA
holding force: 250 kgs
weight: 1.8 kgs
size: 253*25*48 mm
voltage:12/24V DC
working cerrent:1000/500mA
holding force:500kgs
size:506*25*48 mm






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Cerradura Electromagnetica
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